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Platform Health brings you faster and more comprehensive access to the care provided at the Livewell Clinic. Explore further to get access to the tools you need or dive in to discover our 360° health panel for yourself.

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Unexplainable or chronic symptoms? Struggling to reach your health goals? We help you get to the root causes and empower your body’s built-in capacity for self-care and healing.

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Nutritional Medicines

Our most untapped resource in staying healthy is our gut. Help restore your immune defenses, by powering up your gut’s ability to fight back toxins.

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Livewell Proactive Method

Welcome to
Platform Health

We at the Livewell Clinic have had two dreams for the past several years: what if we could offer our patients at the Clinic the tools they needed to manage their health, any time of the day, any day of the week? And what if people who had never been to our Clinic, could still have a suite of resources available to help them on their health journey?

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Our Approach to Functional Medicine.

Traditional medicine often prioritizes the diagnosis and forgets the patient. Functional medicine puts YOU back at the center of your health.

Choose to Live Well.

It may sound cheesy, but our first “health check” on your journey is with yourself. Rebuilding your body’s natural wellness and a health lifestyle requires your motivation to be well.

Detox Lifestyle Reset.

Our Care Cycle plans generally begin with a nutrition-based detox that accelerates your body’s natural rhythms and sets the stage for restoring and revitalizing your core biosystems.

Test. And Test Again.

At the heart of proactive medicine is visibility into the core functions of your body. By testing and retesting dozens of key health markers, we discover trends and the pathway to wellness.

Health Coaching

No one gets well alone. We provide you with individual and group coaching where you get the tools, accountability, and advice on your journey to proactive health.

Nutritional Supplements

Low food quality and environment toxins have depleted the health stores in our body. Natural supplementation and nutritional medicine is essential to getting and staying well.

IV Therapy

Key nutrients taken orally can have less than 50% absorption. To accelerate the healing process, we offer pharmaceutical grade supplementation through our IV therapy programs.

Care Cycle Plans

Ready to live well? Our care plans are tailored to bring together the essential features of all of our services in a managed wellness plan. Find the right plan for you.

What our clients say

It’s been really nice to have health coaching in such a personalized environment. It’s much more meaningful than the general recommendations everyone hears from their doctor. You have specific information behind the changes you need to make and its adjusted as you go through the process.

My chronic aches and inflammation were making my work as a massage therapist impossible. I’m ecstatic to report after following all of the advice and treatments, I’m a new person with way more energy to care for my clients. Thank you!

I have implicit trust in LiveWell. I am confident that my health is their #1 goal. I feel important there and that they really believe that my health is the most important thing.

LiveWell really listened to us. There is so much more to solving health issues than just pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceutics mask the root issue.

About Platform Health

A diagnosis shouldn’t be anyone’s identity. Our patients aren’t the problem, they are the solution. When we release the power of your body, your genetics, to thrive, you have the power to become who you were meant to be.

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