You’re Fighting That Detox – A Few Reasons You Shouldn’t


At this point, there are really only two kinds of people in the world – the people who’ve done their new year’s detox\diet\cleanse, and the people who haven’t. And you know which one you are. We’re not pointing any fingers, but we see you over there still pretending like it’s 2020, and donuts will save you from all the boredom and isolation.

You’ve read about detox; you might even have a friend or relative who’s done one this year. You’re looking at it and thinking – man, that looks hard. I’m not sure I’m up for that. Well, for all you fence-sitting-skeptics out there, allow us to maybe give you a push in the detox direction.


You made it this far – we’re going to assume that means you’re at least curious about the benefits of a detox.

Truly, there are so many benefits, but we’re not going to cover all of them here. You don’t have that much time.

However, here’s a short and comprehensive list for starters:

  • Helps to evaluate and reset current eating habits: Super helpful in our post-2020 “I work from my couch and get all my food delivered via courier” world.
  • Often restores better, more natural sleep: What you intake affects how you sleep; we’re looking at you caffeine and alcohol, but also sugar, carbs, fat, etc.  Time to find out if these things are messing with your zzz’s.
  • Allows your body to rid itself of toxicity (especially in cells): If you haven’t detoxed ever, then your cells are most likely jam-packed with toxic elements.

That’s why they call it a de-TOX.

Let’s get that “tox” out of here.

  • Helps normalize emotional\psychological health: It’s no surprise that how you feel physically and the stress your body is under will impact how you feel emotionally.

Lend a helping hand to one, and the other is sure to follow.

  • Potential weight loss and better body composition: We’re not talking simple vanity here. We’re talking health. Getting rid of excess fat and water weight can give your body the performance boost it needs.
  • Better and healthier-looking skin: Often, when you’re pumping foods into your body that increase inflammation, you’ll see the effects on your skin’s complexion.

Dry, itchy, raised, or even rashy skin can be a sign that your body’s not reacting well to what you’re eating or drinking. Giving your body a rest can help clear up these troubling and annoying blemishes.

Lastly, most people just don’t feel very good after eating. Your body is an energy-burning machine, and it needs food. However, just like any machine, whatever goes in is usually what you get back out. So, if you’re not feeling well after meals, it might be time to look at what you’re buying\picking up\cooking. It also might be time to give your whole system a rest and a rinse, and that’s where the detox comes in.


Just like every other high-performance machine, your body needs different things to succeed. And if you don’t stop to give it a rest, and observe the fuel you’re putting into it, then you might never get the most out of it. Sadder still, this lack of maintenance can lead to some pretty terrible and unwanted health consequences. That’s why, all joking aside, taking the time to detox is so critical to your well-being.

We want to see you at your very best – we hope you want the same thing!

Of course, all this is easier with a helping hand – and that’s why we created PlatformHealth. Still curious about detox? Check out the link to see our list of solutions or to book a consult with one of our health coaches.

And remember one foot in front of the other, one breath after another. That’s the way forward.

Curious about Detox?

Still curious about detox but have questions? Book a 15-minute consult with one of our Health Coaches to ask questions and learn more!

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  1. erotik

    Very good post. I am dealing with a few of these issues as well.. Kristin Orv Cherish


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