You’ve Detoxed – And Now You’re Wondering What’s Next

If you’re still on the fence about whether you should detox or not, we’ve written up a short, handy summary of why it’s a good idea. And you can find that here.

For everybody else…

We see you downing your juice and boiling those veggies! All you early go-getters out there, you might have finished your detox or cleanse and are now wondering: what do I do with all this good work?

Fear not – we’re here to give you some pointers on where to go next. So put the juice down and back away from the raw cabbage – let’s get you pointed into the future.


Congratulations on completing your detox! You made it to the land of reset. Doing something tough should always be celebrated, especially if it can help lead you to a healthier lifestyle.

But now that the glow from all the raw fruits and vegetables is fading, and the world of processed foods is screaming your name, you’re looking for the next steps!

First, take a deep breath and remember all the hard work it took to get you to this moment. Remember that you’re stronger than you think and toss that Twinkie in the trash. Now…

Here are a few pointers-

  • Maintain the sustainable elements from your diet. Keeping up with your vegetables and fruits will continue to give you energy and provide vitamins and nutrients that your body badly needs. Add in some whole grains (see note below) and healthy oils and fats. You want to keep your engine fed with optimal fuel, so continue to choose wisely.
  • Slowly reintroduce foods that are important to you and then evaluate how you’re feeling and regulate as needed. Dairy is a great example – don’t just run pell-mell into the first carton of ice cream you find and go to town. Try a piece of cheese, a small glass of milk, and gauge how you’re feeling. Be honest with yourself – we know it’s hard. But if you eat a tub of yogurt and feel bad after – cut back. Keep trying little by little and go from there. Allow 24-48 hours to really gauge food’s effect on the body.
  • Speaking of little by little: watch that portion size. While you might be looking to reward your newly earned freedom with a heaping helping of honeydew melon, just remember that too much of a good thing is still too much. Fuel is good, but you don’t want so much that the rocket never gets off the launchpad.

Conversely, if you feel full during a meal – stop eating. We know mom said to clean your plate, but that might not be the best thing for your gut.

You can always get seconds, so build a small plate first.

  •  Keep a journal. Let’s be honest, you’re busy, and it’s hard to remember all the things your body is telling you. So, a great way to keep track of the post-detox ups and downs is to write down how you feel as your body sends you information about the food you’re feeding it.

Then you can review at your leisure and decide if the path you’re on needs to be altered.

There are many places to take your post-detox system and a myriad of ways you can build a better, healthier diet. The goal is to go slow, work in a few changes over time, and continue to build upon what’s working.

Lastly, of course, know that detoxing several times a year is an optimal way to keep your body in top condition. Hitting the pause and reset buttons will keep your body from getting stagnant and continue to help flush toxins from your body’s most integral systems.

Want more tips on how to keep the good health train rolling? Ready to speak with one of our highly trained health coaches? Give the link below a click!



Just like every other high-performance machine, your body needs different things to succeed. And if you don’t stop to give it a rest, and observe the fuel you’re putting into it, then you might never get the most out of it. Sadder still, this lack of maintenance can lead to some pretty terrible and unwanted health consequences. That’s why, all joking aside, taking the time to detox is so critical to your well-being.

We want to see you at your very best – we hope you want the same thing!

Of course, all this is easier with a helping hand – and that’s why we created PlatformHealth. Still curious about detox? Check out the link to see our list of solutions or to book a consult with one of our health coaches.

And remember one foot in front of the other, one breath after another. That’s the way forward.

Curious about Detox?

Still curious about detox but have questions? Book a 15-minute consult with one of our Health Coaches to ask questions and learn more!


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