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We at the Livewell Clinic have had two dreams for the past several years: what if we could offer our patients at the Clinic the tools they needed to manage their health, any time of the day, any day of the week?…



We Sat Down With Our New Nurse Practitioner To Talk About What She Loves About Functional Medicine Some of you who visited the LiveWell Clinic...

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What our clients say

It’s been really nice to have health coaching in such a personalized environment. It’s much more meaningful than the general recommendations everyone hears from their doctor. You have specific information behind the changes you need to make and its adjusted as you go through the process.

My chronic aches and inflammation were making my work as a massage therapist impossible. I’m ecstatic to report after following all of the advice and treatments, I’m a new person with way more energy to care for my clients. Thank you!

I have implicit trust in LiveWell. I am confident that my health is their #1 goal. I feel important there and that they really believe that my health is the most important thing.

LiveWell really listened to us. There is so much more to solving health issues than just pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceutics mask the root issue.

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