Don’t go it alone. Platform Health Coaching is here.

We get it – health journeys can be tough. That’s why you need the very best help along the way. Together with you, our health coaches will chart a life-changing, personalized health plan which takes full advantage of the LiveWell Method we’ve perfected. Request a 15-minute call with Kelby to learn more!

Request a Free 15 Minute Call

Coaching Sessions


Guided Detox

Starting with our proven nutritional detox, we guide you through a two-week reset of your most important biosystem: your gut, opening up pathways to greater energy and health.
Includes: 3 Coaching Sessions + Nutritional Detox Kit

Two Week Program



Custom Sessions

Want to run your first marathon? Considering going vegan? Scared to make change and don’t know where to begin? Our coaches are trained to meet you where you are and then we help you manage a plan for success.

One Session


Three Sessions


Six Sessions



Food Fix

Modern food supply and packaged products have created countless food resistances. Find out what foods are trigging your body’s hyper-reaction and build a plan to solve it. Includes: Food Sensitivity Testing + 3 Coaching Sessions +Pantry Clean out + Grocery Field Trip.  Click to learn more about each session and our FAQ’s.

Five Week Program


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