“Your health is a journey, not a destination”

A few words
from Dr. Zac

Over the years of being a doctor, I kept experiencing the same story: patients believing that THEY were the cause of whatever malady they were facing.

Their bodies. Their genetics. Their habits. THEM.

But a diagnosis shouldn’t be anyone’s identity. Whether it’s testing, supplements, I.V. therapies, or anything else we do – the solution always starts with you.

Your body. Your genetics. Your habits. YOU.

At Platform Health, we want to help you become the person you’ve always intended on becoming.

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The best defense


In light of events around the world this past year, many people are reinvesting time and energy tofigure out how their bodies might work best to fight off illness. One system in the body is winning all kinds of attention in the conversation: richly complex and highly capable, your Immune System is working on the front lines of the fight to keep you healthy.

Don’t let the bed bugs bite

When it comes to simple health habits with massive long-term consequences, few things can compete with a night of proper sleep. But if you’re anything like me, you know that catching a solid night of zzz’s can sometimes be easier said than done. So I want to share a few quick tips on how to get better, healthier, more productive rest.

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How Men Can Address Hormone Changes And Lead Better Lives


For our continuing coverage of hormones and health, we sat down with our founder Dr. Zac Watkins to have him share some thoughts on men’s hormones and how they change over time.

Monthly Highlight Product

Platform Defense

Each injection treatment fortifies you with 7.5gm of sickness-blocking Vitamin C.  For increased and maintained immunity, we recommend weekly doses.  Reserve a five-minute LIFT session with one of our highly capable staff.  Keep your immune system strong and sickness down with LIFT. Appointments last 15 minutes. 

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