Choose to
Live Well

The first step toward better health doesn’t come from us – it comes from you. Living a better, healthier, more fulfilling life is a choice you make. In this journey you’re the explorer – we just happen to have the map.


Crafting excellent health is 6 Step exploration – into you and into a better use of medicine.
That’s what we’re committed to.

Step 1


Because the best medicine for you, starts with you, we’ll take the time to understand your specific needs.

Step 2


We’ll begin with a careful detox of to help clear the path for your health journey to begin.

Step 3


We want to keep you growing. Our coaches will help you understand your tests, and how to move forward.

Step 4


The right support is critical to your journey. We’ll ensure you’ve got the best supplements and are getting the most out of them.

Step 5

IV Therapy

Our IV Therapy will keep you in tip-top shape to meet the shifting challenges of your health journey.

Step 6


We’ll take the comprehensive data and update your health panel to continue providing direction on your journey to better health.

Functional Medicine

We believe good medicine should be about the individual, their specific needs, and the root causes of those needs. This highly tailored approach is what we call functional medicine. As in, medicine that works, because it starts with you.

Choose to Live Well.

It may sound cheesy, but our first “health check” on your journey is with yourself. Rebuilding your body’s natural wellness and a health lifestyle requires your motivation to be well.

Detox Lifestyle Reset.

Our Care Cycle plans generally begin with a nutrition-based detox that accelerates your body’s natural rhythms and sets the stage for restoring and revitalizing your core biosystems.

Test. And Test Again.

At the heart of proactive medicine is visibility into the core functions of your body. By testing and retesting dozens of key health markers, we discover trends and the pathway to wellness.

Health Coaching

No one gets well alone. We provide you with individual and group coaching where you get the tools, accountability, and advice on your journey to proactive health.

Nutritional Supplements

Low food quality and environment toxins have depleted the health stores in our body. Natural supplementation and nutritional medicine is essential to getting and staying well.

IV Therapy

Key nutrients taken orally can have less than 50% absorption. To accelerate the healing process, we offer pharmaceutical grade supplementation through our IV therapy programs.

Care Cycle Plans

Ready to live well? Our care plans are tailored to bring together the essential features of all of our services in a managed wellness plan. Find the right plan for you.

Our Plans


Tier 1

A comprehensive 3 month program that includes all the basic functionalities listed in the 6 steps.


Tier 2

4 month program, where we add in specialty testing to give a more in-depth understanding of your body’s needs.


Tier 3

Tier 3 provides a wholistic experience, which maximizes all the resources offered in Tier 1 and Tier 2 and compounds their effect.

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