70+ key markers
across all five biosystems

In order for the doctors at the Livewell Clinic to successfully build a proactive plan for you, we test health levels across all five systems. When our team takes you through the Review of Findings from the Livewell Panel, you will receive individualized guidance on your next steps to proactive health.

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The Platform Health Care Model begins with the truth about our environment. The world in which we live is full of anti-health agents that were nonexistent or substantially reduced in past generations. The effects of these environmental toxins in our water, our soil, our air, and our bloodstream means that proactive health today requires a platform of support to reach optimal wellness.

reproduction hormones

Reproduction + Hormones

As the bodies core messaging system as well as the source of reproduction.

neurological health

Neurological Health

Our core system managing all bodily functioning and our ability to interact with the outside world.

metabolic system

Metabolic System

The process by which the body converts what we intake into energy and essential nutrients.

digestion gut health

Digestion + Gut Health

The system of organs which both breaks down what we eat and provides the initial defense against the body converts what we intake into energy and essential nutrients.

Immune System

Immune System

The body’s ability to fight off infection including unaddressed inflammatory causes and symptoms.

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Specically formulated with both male and female variations. Our deep dive into your health blueprint gives us the tools to help you build a custom-formlated health path.

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